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The elegance of the First Republic with 21st century comfort – that’s what the villas are about. Villas that are brought to you by the EUROPROJEKTA studio, namely architects Martin Kareš and Robert Rais.

Both architects adhere to elegant construction with open spaces and large windows that allow for a lot of light while still respecting the investor’s individual requests and the character of the space. However, these attributes are good for nothing if they don’t meet the main goal – to create a pleasant living environment for their residents.

And so, it comes as no surprise that the studio recognizes the legacy of functionalism. And why is that? The answer is simple. Primarily for its timelessness and its perspective on the world. Functionalism is built on simple structures and profits from the use of large, glass surfaces. Thus, it creates well-arranged spaces for a pleasant living and where the living environment mingles with the garden or even a wider vicinity.

A significant role was played by the architects’ teachers with whom they met during their studies. Among the most important was their meeting with professor Ivan Ruller, whose work was significantly impacted by functionalism and modern styles. It was Ruller who managed to open the world of simplicity, temperance and beauty to the students.

Functionalism can even be considered as the life philosophy professed by both architects, because it flows from an optimistic and rational approach to life. Also, these are the characteristic attributes of their work. Designs from EUROPROJEKTA refer to the best that the First Republic functionalism can offer while simultaneously taking advantage of the most modern technologies, which deliver a maximum level of comfort to the living environment.

The future of living

Where is the future of living heading? Will new technologies play a main role, and will the architecture comply with them, or the other way round? The architects duo believe that both technologies and architecture will be mutually influenced and will mingle. However, if anything is to change, their goal will not – a goal of building buildings that will last for generations thanks to their elegance and beauty and where their residents will enjoy pleasant living.

Their work thus far support this concept. Tens of beautiful buildings all across the Czech Republic, highly regarded even by the experts in the field. The buildings meet the highest aesthetic demands with their residents enjoying safety and comfort all at the same time. Just like home.