Your turn-key property. A place where you want to live.

Close your eyes and imagine your ideal home. An exclusive property which fulfills all of your residential needs and desires. A property which can be your new home as well as an investment with minimal living costs thanks to perfect construction, state of the art technology and materials, all enveloped in timeless functionalist architecture.

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Turn-key Development

Your project in our hands

We know that the best ideas come from you. We are here to realize your housing desires and help you build your ideal home – without stress or the time consumption that usually involves.

We are a leading provider of real estate development services in Prague and we understand the value of time as well as the difficult and time-consuming nature of construction. Our experience enables us to ensure the pain-free and smooth construction of your real estate.

Our real estate development service includes:

  • Selection and purchase of lucrative land (in accordance with the client’s wishes)
  • Selection of top architect
  • Presentation of different project proposals
  • Obtaining of construction permit and completion of all other administrative duties
  • Organization of tenders for construction and selection of the best possible suppliers
  • Organization of additional tenders. Ex. for interior design
  • Realisation and supervision of construction
  • Legal and administrative service
  • Obtaining final building approval and subsequent delivery of property to owner

Challenges are what drives us.

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Our Projects

Villa Ke Kulišce

Attractive villa featuring a timeless functionalist design, a 3 car garage, and a lift. Situated in a wooded area in Prague’s most popular residential area – Dejvice – meaning maximum quiet and privacy with fast and easy access to both the city center and the airport.

The property was designed to meet the strictest criteria for luxury living in one of Europe’s most beautiful cities. Exclusive design and top materials and technology ensure maximum comfort for residents.

A word from the architect: “In light of functionalist customs, this property consists of complementary private, social, and relaxation segments which enable the residents to truly live as they desire: without limitations.”

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Our Projects

Villa Klikatá

Functionalist luxury 3-story villa just outside Prague city center. Featuring a lift and a 3 car garage, this property is situated in a highly desirable location with ideal transport accessibility and close proximity to urban amenities.

This property was envisioned by renowned architects as a sustainable, state of the art home which ensures maximum living comfort thanks to materials and technology of the highest quality.

A word from the architect: “This property follows the finest Czech first-republic functionalist traditions with an emphasis on the maximum comfort of residents.”

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About Us

We only get involved in exceptional properties, of which there are not many

We are your ideal partner in the construction of luxury real estate. Our extensive experience will help you realize your dream home.

We only get involved in exceptional properties, of which there are not many. Our extensive experience and commitment enable us to realize even the boldest of dreams. See for yourself!

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Construction regulation: Good servant, bad master

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Starring temperance and beauty

The most beautiful family villas / Where beauty is born / The Legacy of the First Republic / The best place to live

The elegance of the First Republic with 21st century comfort – that’s what the villas are about. Villas that are brought to you by the EUROPROJEKTA studio, namely architects Martin Kareš and Robert Rais.

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